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Winter is Coming - It’s Time to Tend the Roots of the Brand

Leaves are turning, temps are cooling and signs point to a slowdown. It’s a key time to nurture the brand… an essential source of resilience for the business. A strong brand maintains customer loyalty, helps preserve price and margin, attracts top-performing talent, and rallies investors. A strong brand can drive as much as 50% of enterprise value. 

5 minute read

It’s time to start rebuilding our communities

Before creating an uproar, I don’t advocate a return to five days a week in the office or pre-pandemic work environments. We’ve learned a lot from our remote-work days, and many of those efficiencies will endure well into the future. But at Allison+Partners, we’ve embraced a hybrid model that works well for us, and I advocate we move away from the remote work concept and push toward more flexibility – a work model where people can build schedules that suit their individual lifestyles.

3 minute read

5 ways creative agencies can get the most from performance marketing

The best creative teams can make something from nothing. However, all creative teams do best when powered by customer insights. Which is why now, as the cost-of-living crisis bites deep and recession looms, creative agencies yet to master data must raise their game. And they can do so by working smarter with performance marketing teams.

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The Global Energy Crisis Threatens a Perfect Storm for Reputation – How Can Your Organization Prepare to Weather It?

Every corner of the world is currently feeling the effects of global energy turbulence triggered by geopolitics and climate change. In Europe, the severance of ties with the Kremlin has led Russia to close its main natural-gas pipeline to the region, subsequently causing unprecedented price inflation and energy shortages for tens of millions of Europeans. In California, recent record-shattering heat and destructive wildfires nearly brought the largest power grid in the United States to the brink as officials pleaded with consumers to conserve power and limit air conditioning and electricity use. With the rationing of hot water already underway in Germany, and California officials advising electric vehicle owners to limit charging, the energy crisis has become a global issue impacting consumers everywhere.

4 minute read

Post-Pandemic Telehealth: Three Key Considerations for Communicators

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was virtually all talk and no action when it came to telehealth (pun intended). Patients were intrigued by the idea of connecting with care at the touch of a button, but most were too nervous to follow through and engage online with healthcare professionals. Similarly, many providers expressed high levels of interest in diversifying care delivery models, but ultimately most found the regulatory and reimbursement barriers to entry were simply too high to make telehealth a priority. 

8 minute read
Agency News

PRNEWS Announces 2023 Agency Elite Top 100

Our third annual Agency Elite Top 100 spotlights the nation’s most innovative PR and communications firms of the year.

To compile our list, we took a look at a wide range of features, asking applicants about new products, services and expertise offered over the last 12 months. We wanted to better understand how the most innovative and most flexible PR agencies work in an increasingly fast-paced, ever-changing world.

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